Ourfamily tradition being highly trustful, ethics and high human values which are inherited into our blood.

Our father always says " No tiredness, No lethargy in our dictionary. Be trustful and faithful and put 100 % efforts and results will come automatically".

My mother believes in KARMA. Her principle always" Do good to others and God will do good to you".
We imbibed the blend of father and Mother values and ensuring the same culture in our staff. Today our staff believes in us than their own parents. We have become dear and near ones to our staff.
Having worked in India and abroad, it is felt that our country where human and property safety is very poorly managed when compared to rest of the world. As the population is exploding, this becomes a major area of concern in the days to come. To serve the individuals and with the larger interest of serving the society KMESS (KAILASH MANI ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS) is initiated.

Today Safety and Security have become basic needs, wants & demands from common people to corporate organizations. 'An ordinary theft' or 'a small damage to a building or office' may cause a major setback to the business in terms of not only value but also mentally affecting day to day business and reputation .It is exactly here that KAILASH MANI ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS assurance and caring support comes out with proven security systems at affordable cost.

'KAILASH MANI ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS' was established with one goal in mind to provide customers with the highest quality security products available at the best prices. Our goal continues to be upheld with the introduction and addition of new products and product lines in our catalog.

Our customer range is Educational institutions, Domestics market, VVIP delegates, Hospitals, Hotels, Railway stations, Police stations, Public functions, Industries, Retail shops....etc.

We have spread across the State in a shortest span of 5 years and today we are the number one in AP in giving complete Security Solutions.

We have dedicated team of people for customer care.

Prime engine for our growth is customer satisfaction and all our efforts and systems are driven by the customer. Our main marketing and brand ambassadors are our customers.
Fast .speedy and reliable service aimed at reducing system downtime pervades the company's quality policy at all stages from choice of equipment to installation, commissioning and customer support.
To light up a million faces in the new millennium with a broad smile that springs from a re-assurance of total safety , security & support. To maximize customer satisfaction by providing high performance solutions aimed at enhancing security needs of the customer.

To develop and maintain the company's commitment to excellence through continuous improvement, interaction with user and technological up-gradation.